S/V SUSANA Our goal for Cruising is 2013

This is Susana. A Bruce Roberts "Spray", steel-hull, gaff rigged Ketch.
In 1895, Joshua Slocum departed Boston in his tiny sloop Spray and sailed around the world single-handed. This historic achievement made him the patron saint of small-boat voyagers, navigators and adventurers all over the world

Susana is our Spray and will guide us where the wind meets the sea on our safe navigations. We are just a little behind our 5 year plan for retirement cruising. It looks like we'll be ready in 2014.....Follow us while we prepare Susana to take us on our Journey.

Apr 12, 2012

Some things just get in the Way!

Here it is April 2012 and we haven't been working on Susana since the fall. She's "on the hard" patiently waiting for us to finish our work on the house. We visit her, pat her fat belly and remind her we'll be back, very soon!
April's been taking on more "paid" canvas work, so  Susana's cushions are still waiting to be done! Also the plant outage lasted 2 months this year, meaning Kevin worked 12-13 hours a day, 6 days a week with barely any breaks. Except for one....Kristi and Paul's wedding!
Even though we've had a few other items to get through. Our main goal is to  be completely debt free and everything finished at home...we're still keeping our eye on the goal. We talk about Susana''s refit, read books/magazines, download information and talk to other people that are doing the same thing. We've begun changing our diet & food preparation that is more suitable to cruising and has reduced our weight "a little". We're essentially downsizing and living simply! Once Susana is done, she'll be totally self-sustainable.
For me, working at West Marine and around marinas and private docks on canvas work, I feel I am totally immersed in boating. This summer I think I will hone my fishing & crabbing skills!
Kristi & Paul

Kitchen is getting a major overhaul.....I guess we eat out for the next few weeks!!