S/V SUSANA Our goal for Cruising is 2013

This is Susana. A Bruce Roberts "Spray", steel-hull, gaff rigged Ketch.
In 1895, Joshua Slocum departed Boston in his tiny sloop Spray and sailed around the world single-handed. This historic achievement made him the patron saint of small-boat voyagers, navigators and adventurers all over the world

Susana is our Spray and will guide us where the wind meets the sea on our safe navigations. We are just a little behind our 5 year plan for retirement cruising. It looks like we'll be ready in 2014.....Follow us while we prepare Susana to take us on our Journey.

Jun 1, 2011

A lot has been done over the winter!!

Well now it's spring and we've been so busy with Susana, there was no time to post! Kevin's been working on the interior - enlarging the main salon head to fit the Lectrosan with auto salt pump, a step bath tub, adding a heater with a fuel line, running conduit for the outlets. He's got all the framing done for the cabinets and the walls of the head. Of course, he's had to pull down the headliner (which was just peg board).

Corroseal doing its job on Susana's steel hull
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Bimimi's done!

Dodger's coming along
April's been busy too taking all the boating classes possible, Weather, Piloting, Celestial Navigation, VHF, etc. Also taking on re-doing all the canvas work on Susana. 2 sail bags, 2 sail covers, helm station, Dodger, Bimini. It is almost complete. We finally set up a "loft" in our family room!!

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